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Whether you are opening a business, establishing residency, or getting married, having the correct documentation in order is a must for getting the process started. Often, dealing with countries outside of the Hague Convention can be complicated and time consuming. When presenting your documents to another country, a form of authentication verifying your papers is needed. This can be completed through having your document Apostilled, or by obtaining a certified copy through the Embassy/Consulate Legalization process.

We at DC Mobile Notary can conveniently provide these services for anyone in the DC area.

We specialize in handling documents sourced from countries outside of the Hague Convention. We process your requested documents through the Embassy or Consulate required, and make sure all stamps, signatures, and seals are evaluated and authenticated. We offer same day pick-up, and reliable service for several nations. Your full service experience includes free and prompt pickup and delivery, and full notarization, authentication, and legalization.

The complete process takes on average Seven to Ten business days. We reliably deliver all required documents every time.

If there is any questions, or are unsure which verification is required, please reach out to us. We are available 24/7 over phone or live chat to help you start your legalization process. We are able to complete legalization for countries such as China, UAE, Egypt and Thailand. We can even help you with state documents that require specialized foreign document attestations in DC. Having all of your important international documents verified as true copies is too important and complicated a task to handle on your own. Our DC Mobile Notary specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable in all forms and processes required for any Embassy and Consulate legalization documents.

Let us do the grunt work, and get back to your life!

We provide embassy legalization services for the following countries.


Embassy legalization for People's Republic of China

7-10 business days

The Chinese Embassy is notorious for being difficult to deal with regarding Legalization and Authentication documents. If not completed properly, it is very likely your application will be rejected. You can avoid the headaches associated with navigating the legal requirements for Chinese Legalization documents by working with DC Mobile Notary.


Embassy legalization for UAE

7-10 business days

Let us help you notarize, authenticate and legalize documents for United Arab Emirates without any hassle! DC Mobile Notary offers a reliable, 24-hour service for United Arab Emirates document authentication and legalization processing. Based in Washington DC, and also serving Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland, we offer the fastest and most efficient service in the area


Embassy legalization for Egypt

7-10 business days

Legalizing and Apostilling documents involving the Egypt Embassy and Consulate come with their own set of complications. We are a team of professionals dedicated to making the whole experience easier for you. We legalize, authenticate and notarize the documents for Egypt in a quick manner.


Embassy legalization for Thailand

10-12 business days.

The Legalization and Authentication of Thailand documents is rather simple in comparison to many other countries, but still requires a complex process including certification from the source Secretary of State. Some documents require additional steps and certifications as outlined in Thailand’s Legalization requirements.


Embassy Legalization for Singapore

6-7 business days

We notarize, apostille and legalize documents for Singapore. We provide the fastest (expedited) services in Washington DC area, Northern VA and Southern MD.