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The Chinese Embassy is notorious for being difficult to deal with regarding Legalization and Apostilled documents. If not completed properly, it is very likely your application will be rejected. You can avoid the headaches associated with navigating the legal requirements for Chinese Legalization documents by working with DC Mobile Notary.

Let us help you process your chinese documents quickly and securely.

Our knowledgeable staff is highly experienced in working within the strict requirements set by the Chinese Embassy. As a competent document processing provider, we at DC Mobile Notary can also assist you in completing your application accurately and in a timely manner to avoid delays as well as mitigate some of the stress which can be brought about when getting organized for your application process.

Furthermore, if you would like us to file and process your application for you, to help you tick another job off the list, please ask during your appointment and our team will be more than happy to help.

The safety and security of your documents is our top priority.

Any sensitive information is kept secret, and all documents are securely returned upon Legalization and Apostillation. You can rest easy knowing your documents are being processed correctly and safely with DC Mobile Notary. Many Chinese Legalization documents require that official translations be attached. We offer in-house official services to speed up your processing. Keeping all documents in one location protects your privacy and security by minimizing the number of hands processing them.

Once your documents have been successfully processed, we will promptly return them with our free and secure courier service to anywhere in the DC area. The whole Legalization process will take 7-10 business days and includes notarizing, authentication, and finally Legalization of all of your requested documents.

We reliably process documents with the Chinese Embassy correctly, leaving you with a hassle free experience.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns with our Chinese Embassy Legalization process. DC Mobile Notary is an experienced document processing provider that will help you avoid delays by providing you with accurate and timely Legalization. We will assign a staff member who is most suited to your requirements to ensure you get nothing but the best service. We also have 24-hour customer support so you can contact us whenever you need to.