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DC Mobile Notary specializes in traveling directly to the places and homes of clients in providing them the best and most convenient service possible. If you are a broker, a lender, an escrow officer, non-professional and professional in need of efficient and quick mobile notary, apostille, I-9 verification or embassy legalization services, email or call us to set up an appointment today! Give us the opportunity to offer you with the best and most reliable service possible.

We proudly offer mobile notary services wherein you can schedule your appointments at office or home anytime of the day, weekend or evening. Our team of professional notaries on call 24/7 to help clients with regard to their signing needs.

Identification Requirements

Proper identification is needed for any notary service that requires verification of signature. Washington DC recognizes the following identification types as valid particularly when issued by the state:

· Driver License/Commercial Driver License

· Identification Card

· Passport

· Employee ID Card

· Green card / Employment Authorization card

Our Services

· Apostille services ―We provide apostille services for over 115 countries

· Loan document signings―Remember that if the borrower signature line is signed improperly or is blank, there will be no loan.

· Mortgage signings and closings―Our staffs consider this job as a great responsibility. The services we offer are second to none in the field. When we call our agents about your information, they will also call the borrower immediately to confirm an appointment time. They are prepared in each step of the way to make it sure that the signing proceeds without a hassle from the beginning until the end.

· Deed of trust Transactions that involve deeds of trust are usually structured in order that a lender gives a borrower the money to buy a specific property. This must as well be notarized and recorded with the recorder. When you need it notarized, text or call us at 202-247-0837.

· Escrow documents―Just like any other documents, escrow documents need to be signed and completed by a notary agency. This is part of our services that contains accuracies and does not delay anything.

· Title documents―Our agency is trained in closing real estate transactions that involved a mortgage. We will receive the closing documents coming from a lender like the deed and mortgage, promissory note and settlement check. All required signatures between the seller and buyer will be notarized. And, the settlement check will be delivered to the appropriate party.

· Grant deed―Our notary for grant deed has all the laws that we follow including a fee schedule. We will ensure to you that no law is broken by charging a specific amount.

· Quitclaim deed―For a quitclaim deed document that will be recorded in Washington, DC, it will be signed by a notary agency like us. We will act as the third person and will be present to witness the signing of the documents.

· Interposal deed―We will sign an interposal deed that will also be signed by both parties. This will be signed before us and will be recorded in the place.

· Depositions/affidavitsWe will administer and notarize a signature for a deposition.

· Financial documents―Financial documents actually require a dated signature that attests the accuracy and validity of information. Your signature will thereby be notarized by our staff upon your request.

· Health documents When you already have completed a health care directive, you will now need to follow the rules of the state. You need to sign the documents in the presence of our notary team.

· Insurance documents―Our signing agents can be here for you to notarize your insurance documents completely.

· I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification ―We will fill out the I-9 form as authorized representative. Schedule the appointment and our agent will come to you anywhere in Washington DC, Southern Maryland and Northern VA.

· Affirmations and oaths―It is our role to administer an affirmation or an oath. We have the basic understanding of performing both declarations that you really need to try us.

· Single page documents signings

· Adoption―If you are in dire need of a notary for the case of adoption, bear in mind that we are here for you. We will verify the identities of both parties signing this important case.

· Divorce modifications and divorce papersIn order that your divorce decree may be modified.

Power of Attorney(POA)— A power of attorney document lets you choose a trusted friend or relative to help you with your finances and/or health care decisions.

Embassy Legalization - We provide embassy legalization services for UAE, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Egypt.