Why Do You Need a notary for Real Estate Closings?


A notary is an official witness to the signing of legal documents. They are responsible for verifying the signer's identity, witnessing the signing of documents, and administering oaths as required by law. The services of a notary are essential during real estate closings when certain documents must be authenticated in order for the transaction to be valid. In this blog post, we will discuss why a notary is necessary for real estate closings and how they can help protect your interests during the process.

What Documents Require Notarization?

A notarization is often required when executing legal documents, such as deeds and powers of attorney. Other copies that require notarization may include loan documents, trust agreements, contract signings, title transfers, or any document that requires an affidavit or acknowledgment. During real estate closings, it is especially important to have a notary present because they can authenticate all of these essential documents.

How Does a Notary Help During Real Estate Closings?

A notary provides assurance that all parties involved in the transaction are who they say they are and that all signatures on any necessary paperwork are valid and authentic. This ensures you are protected from fraud or misrepresentation throughout the real estate closing process. Additionally, having a notary present at your closing adds an additional layer of protection against fraudulent activity because all parties must verify their identities in front of a third-party witness before any document can be signed and finalized.  

Notaries also provide peace of mind by ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly and filed with state agencies in accordance with laws. This helps to minimize potential errors or omissions that could delay or derail your real estate closing process entirely. Lastly, having someone who is trained to verify proper identification can safeguard against identity theft or any other fraudulent activities associated with closing on a new property.


Hiring a notary for your real estate closing is essential if you want to ensure that your interests are fully protected throughout the process. Notaries help verify identities and authenticate critical legal documents, so you can rest assured that your transaction will be handled securely and efficiently every step of the way! By making sure you have a reputable notary present at your closing, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your purchase will be completed safely and accurately—without any unwelcome surprises down the line!

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