Notary public services in hospitals and nursing homes in Washington DC area


When we need to sign some important documents like property related or any other essential documents, at that time notary public services will help us to avoid any fraud. A notary public is nothing but a reliable officer generally hired by the state government to guide the public during their notary work.

The main functions of notary services are to manage oaths and declaration, help to obtain acceptance documents of all deals, seize official declaration and legal declaration, etc.

In short, the notary public is just a signature or stamp by witnesses but the accurate intention of a notary is to confirm or attest not only the identity of the party or person who is signing but it verifies the authentication of the document as well. Many retailers, law-officers, hospitals, brokers, health care providers use notary services.

Notary public also required in the hospital, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers as well. So they travel in hospital and nursing home as per requirement for hospital notary work. This type of mobile notary work is very frustrating because they need to overcome all circumstances as many time people in the hospital does not carry their identity proof.

Many nursing homes and hospital are not able to provide notary service facility to their patients at that time they depend on mobile notary services as patients in their hospital or nursing home not able to travel or sometimes not even in the condition to sign the documents in such situation mobile notary services help them out.

There are many mobile notary public services available in the market but you need to choose most reliable, courteous, and a professional notary public for your loved one who is in the hospital so that all notary work can be completed smoothly and stress-free.

Some common notarization that required in medical facilities is as follow:

·      Health Care Certificates

·     Power of attorney form

·      Will of patient

·      Signature of trustees  

Before signing any document it’s very important that patient must aware of the documents that they need to sign and the family members of the patient also well-known about the documents.

So take a proper appointment of a notary public and be ready with your patient in addition to this make sure that all your documents and form totally fills up with necessary information.

There is no particular law to notarizing the patients, but yes there are some important things that you should know about the patient’s notarization. Like

·      The identity proof of patient must be current: Sometimes if the patient is an elderly person then it’s possible that their ID proof is not updated but for notary current ID proof is necessary.

·      The patient must be alert and aware: at the time of the notary, the patient must aware of the documents that they need to be signed.  

In Summary, we can say that for hospitals and nursing home notarization notary public need extra time, patience and skills as people in the hospital are already very ill, sometimes not alert, disabled so its challenge for notary public services to overcome all problems and done smooth notarization without any hassle to the patient.

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