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If you need a notary service and cannot go directly to one of the offices where there is certified personnel to carry out any type of legal documentation, do not worry, there is a company licensed in Washington DC that can offer you what you need in the place and The time that you require it, it is DC Mobile Notary, this company has a team of notaries that will guarantee a quality of service that will cover all your needs completely.

In DC Mobile Notary offers to notarize all the documents you need, in an insurmountable time, because it saves you completely the long wait that you would have to endure in other companies that also offer these services.

For years, DC Mobile Notary established its headquarters in Washington DC to provide a great service to the entire community that lives there, if you are near and you need a notary for a document, it is important that you hire a reliable and quality service such as this company offers you.

One of the services for which the company is recognized and also very requested is to perform the notary of sworn statements, sometimes the process ends up being a query because for many the term is not completely clear. However here we will present the concepts that are related to the sworn statements, in this way you can easily identify when to request the services of a notary of DC Mobile Notary.

What is an affidavit?

The affidavit is a story, whether written or verbal of an event, the difference it has against any other type of statement is that whoever performs it is swearing before the law, that in his word is the veracity of the facts, and this act is attested by a notary public or perhaps by any authority that has the power to give truth to that oath performed.

These authorities certify the veracity of these testimonies, but it is important to highlight that in any case, it is the one who performs the oath who is responsible for all the information provided in the document.

This causes the content of that statement to become completely true until they can be verified with facts that really are not about the truth.

There is currently a large group of legal systems that use sworn statements as a fairly fundamental tool to carry out different legal procedures.

Perhaps at various times of your life has come to sign affidavits, without giving much importance to the matter, so it is important to remind you that form an affidavit includes a very large responsibility that is basically to confirm before the law that everything that is The content of that statement is completely true, because you were a witness or participant of everything that is indicated there.

It is for this reason that the notaries of DC Mobile Notary always insist that all their customers read carefully all the information that is being placed in the affidavit, in addition they ensure that the clients understand everything that involves the signing of the same, in this way there will be no confusion in this regard and all the procedures that derive from it can take a much quicker and easier course, this simplifies the processes.

How can an affidavit be made?

Although the affidavits do not have a standard model for all parts of the world, it is true that they have some common information that they must share, because this will be the basis of the entire document, and will also provide the most important data for Any of the uses that this will have.

The presence of a notary to give legal validity to an affidavit is just for that. In most cases, this must be done by the same declarant, so it is good that you know how to perform one correctly and with the basic information required so that the declaration cannot be manipulated in any way.

These are the steps that you must take at the moment you need to make a sworn statement, in this way, you will avoid any type of correction from the notaries and you will also save a little time if it is an urgent matter.

Title and main part: This part should include the title of the topic that will continue, and apart must also highlight the most relevant information and information about the person who will make the sworn statement, for example, the full name should be placed on the person and what he will declare.

Scripture or account of the facts: This is the crucial part of the entire sworn statement since it contains all the information and details that the declarant wishes to embody in the document, as an oath. It is important that in the first lines the declarant places his complete information, that is, full name, age, identity document, and also the address of residence that he possesses at that moment.

The second part of the writing, more or less in the second paragraph, the declarant will begin to describe his testimony, where he will place all the main events and any information that is related to them. This will be the body of the affidavit, and the person who writes it must be very careful with what it is placing because under oath it will be indicating that everything contained in that document is true.

Pie de página: Por último se tendrá que dejar un espacio al final de todo el documento en el que se incluirá la firma del declarante y además de esto la firma del notario que certificará su documento.

That is, your signature must go and also the notary before whom you swore that the content is completely true.

Affidavit services at DC Mobile Notary.

At DC Mobile Notary the notary service for sworn statements is offered throughout the year and also 24 hours a day.  Click here if you want get quick quote for notary services in Washington DC, Northern VA and Southern MD.

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