Notary Services at MedStar University Georgetown Hospital: A Comprehensive Overview



MedStar University Georgetown Hospital, renowned for its exceptional healthcare services, also offers notary services to patients, staff, and visitors. These services are crucial in a hospital environment for various legal and administrative purposes.

The Role of Notary Services in a Hospital

Notary services in hospitals like MedStar University Georgetown Hospital play a vital role in ensuring that various documents are legally authenticated. These documents can range from medical directives to power of attorney forms. The presence of a notary public on the hospital grounds ensures that critical documents are handled efficiently and in compliance with legal standards.

Types of Documents Notarized

  1. Advanced Medical Directives: Patients often need to notarize advanced medical directives, which specify their preferences for medical treatment in scenarios where they are unable to communicate their decisions.
  2. Power of Attorney: A power of attorney document, granting someone authority to make decisions on a patient’s behalf, is another common document requiring notarization in a hospital setting.
  3. Guardianship Forms: For patients who are minors or incapacitated, guardianship forms may need to be notarized to authorize specific individuals to make decisions for them.

The Process of Notarization

At MedStar University Georgetown Hospital, the notarization process involves verifying the identity of the person signing the document and ensuring they understand the document and are signing it voluntarily. The notary public witnesses the signing and affixes their official seal, making the document legally valid.

Accessibility and Availability

Notary services at the hospital are designed to be accessible. They cater not only to inpatients but also to outpatients and hospital staff. The availability of these services can vary, and it's advisable to check with the hospital's administrative office for scheduling.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

In a hospital setting, the notary must adhere to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring that the patient or signatory is not under duress and is mentally competent to sign the documents. This is particularly important in a healthcare environment where patients may be under stress or medication.


The availability of notary services at MedStar University Georgetown Hospital underscores the hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive care and services. These services ensure that patients and staff can have important documents legally authenticated without the inconvenience of leaving the hospital premises.

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