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These are the most common cases of emergencies, in which people request the presence of a notary, to certify everything they wish to leave embodied in a document, for this reason, it is important to be aware that there are companies in Washington DC that they provide their service during any day of the year, and also at any time that is needed.

The needs that relate to the last wills and testaments may arise at unexpected times and also for different reasons, that is why companies like DC Mobile Notary are pioneers in this home service and are always willing to give you this and many more benefits to customers who contact them, at the time they do so.

There is a bit of confusion about what is a certificate of last will and a will, as many people think they are completely equal, although it is true that both documents should preferably have a legal certification, then we will explain the difference between both.

What is a certificate of last will?

                 A certificate of last will is a document by means of which a person certifies that he has presented his will to a notary, that is, that he has completely legalized the process of delivering his will, in this way, at the moment that he has to be read, those that have presented previously will not have any validity.

In this document, you will find information about the notary who received the document that includes the will. This is a way by which it can be ensured that the relatives or relatives of a person after she dies, can arbitrarily perform the delivery of their property and possessions.

That is, this document facilitates all the processes that can be carried out after the death of the person who has notarized this certificate.

But it is not always about legalizing the document of a will, because sometimes a certificate of last will may contain information about the person who made it, does not want to give away any of his assets, or does not want to make any will. This document is based on the wishes of the person who made it, for this reason, it has the name of "last wills".

What is the use of a certificate of last will?

The answer is simple, a certificate of last will serves to inform the heirs of the deceased can have access to the data of the person who made the testament of his relative or close.

It also serves to enforce the final will of the deceased, for example, if it is a person who for various reasons has changed his will several times, this certificate would indicate that the last one he made is the one that really recognizes before the law, invalidating completely any previous testament you have made.

It is the duty of the heirs to address the entity in which the certificate held by the notary rests, is the first step before making the reading of the will, and the disclosure of the content thereof.

What is a testament?

For many, the realization of a will is a rather slow and complicated process, which involves organizing all your wishes to translate them into a document that will be legally valid once it has been notarized.

A testament is a document through which a person expresses all the wishes that he has and that is related to the handling of all the material goods that he possesses for that moment.

When can a testament be made?

Although it is a situation that in the end will depend on a circumstantial fact, you can make a will at any time, but it is important to do so while keeping certain things in mind.

First of all, you can think about making a will if you have a clear idea of how you want all your assets to be managed in the future and also you know to whom you will give that control.

Another case is that you suffer from a degenerative disease that will soon take all your mental faculties, and in the future, you will not be able to make decisions in full awareness.

It is also good to make a will in cases where you know that your health is at risk and it is better to inform about your wishes as soon as possible.

As stated above, these situations can occur at indeterminate times, so it is vital to have an ally that can attend your call immediately, such as the staff of DC Mobile Notary. Especially if you are in Washington DC.

Last Will
Last Will

Can everyone make a will?

All persons over 14 years of age can make a will, except those that present the following conditions:

- To whom the law has prohibited them for various reasons.

- Those who have been declared incapable of this in a judicial manner.

- Those who can not work.

What does a will contain?

For those who do not have information about what may be contained in a will, here we bring you a guide to the most common wishes of the people who perform it.

- A will is created with the main function of dividing your assets among your family members or loved ones.

- It is also used to designate legal guardians for your children.

- You can also designate a person to manage their businesses and properties.

- A will also serve as an inventory for all possessions you have, so, if it is your will, they can be divided equally among the people chosen by you.

It is important to know all the details about the realization of a will, because for many this is a completely natural practice, especially for those who have a large number of assets, businesses, properties, among other things. If this is the case, and you are in Washington DC, you can request the presence of a DC Mobile Notary professional in your home.

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