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There is no question that being able to find a top quality notary service is essential in life due to a large number of things we need to accomplish with business ventures and any kind of legal assistance. The process of finding a good notary is going to be extremely important and this is the reason why you need to make sure that you can get the kind of service that you need.

The biggest problem that most people have when it comes to notary services is that it can be quite difficult to move around to go to a notary office and get your work done. We are living in extremely hectic times and it can be hard to spend time doing this when we are literally counting the minutes of each day just to get the work done.

My name is Aziz and I’m a notary public agent that know the importance of being able to provide a complete and professional service to clients.  I’m the kind of notary that understands the importance and the value of time and this is the reason why I have divided to become a mobile notary. This means that I will bring all of the required notary solutions to your location.

Washington DC is a very busy place and everyone is in need of notary services at some point. I have created a 24-hour notary service system that will allow you to forget about investing time in this process. I’m the notary that will come to you and solve your problems with any kind of issues you might be having.

A traveling notary is going to make your life much easier when you need to get any kind of work done. My services include loan document signings, mortgage signings, real state acknowledgment, deeds of trust, title documents, escrow documents, quitclaim deeds, grant deeds, health documents, insurance documents, oaths and many others.

If I wanted to find a “notary comes to me” type of service, you will see that my services are ideal for your needs and that is the main reason why I have been able to help such a large number of clients with all of my services. I’m also a notary on Sunday, this means you can call me any day with any kind of business you need done and I will be happy to help you and assist you.  I’m a qualified, reliable and professional emergency notary that is also a notary at night and a travel notary public.

I make sure that you get the most reliable services for your needs. I get my encouragement from being able to help people save time and this allows me to expand my services to make sure I’m always busy and that is essential in my career.

You can contact me anytime and I will make sure that I can get the best results to you with my partners and my alliances. Check out my site at dcmobilenotary.com and get the best services for affordable costs.

Where you can get I-9, Employment Verification in Washington DC, VA and MD.

Our work process

Our work process

Employment eligibility verification form that is I-9 is nothing but a citizenship and immigration form which is mandatory in the United States for employment. This is helpful to identify the uniqueness and legal side of employees who worked in the US.
 Every company needs to fill I-9 form for each employee which they appoint for service in the United State. Only individually hired employees and the employees who worked there before November 1986 don’t require this I-9 form.

The validation of this I-9 form is 3 years from the date of employment and every employee need to renew their forms after every 3 years.

Form I-9 is mainly divided into 3 main sections

  • Section 1: In this section, the employee fills up their personal information with attestation.

  • Section 2: This section is for the employer, who carefully verifies and review information of the employee.

  • Section 3: In this section employer take a second round of verification and then hired an employee.

The Employment eligibility verification form (I-9) is required to be done during the process of hiring. It is very necessary to verify employees all documents related to identity and eligibility within the next three days after joining. If the employer is not that much serious about this I-9 form and its completion they definitely need to pay any huge amount of fine or department of labor may take any legal action against that employer. So it’s very necessary for the employer to complete all procedure regarding I-9 form within the given time period. The employee must submit original documents & not photocopies for this form.

With personal information, the employer needs one identity proof which must show an employee’s identity and eligibility criteria to work in the united state. 

So it’s much cleared that to fill up I-9 form on time is very important for employee as well as employers. For this, employees need lots of different documents. Thus to fill I-9 form, employees required some authorized representative. In Washington DC, there are lots of agencies who will provide all necessary help to submit your I-9 form on time. 

You just need to search best suit authorized representative for you and plan the appointment with them and they will fully assist you to fill and submit the form with all necessary documents.

The best agencies in Washington DC generally provide the following thing that will surely help you to submit I-9 within the given time limit. They obviously charge you few bucks as per there pricing rates but it worth to pay them for hassle free submission of the I-9 form.

The documents separated with three different lists that are list A, B, and C. List A covers both identity and employment authentication related document whereas List B and C covers identity-related documents and employment authentication document separately. So you need to submit any document listed in list A or list B with list C to satisfy the documentation requirements for the I-9 form.

The list A generally contains identity-related documents such as US passport or residential proof. List B contains driving licenses, Id proof issued by government agencies or voter ID while list c contain birth certificate or US citizenship ID.

In Summary, if you connect with any best agency situated in Washington DC, you will certainly submit your Employment eligibility verification form (I-9) on time without any much hassle.

For any inquires, call now (202-247-0837) or book an appointment with DC Mobile Notary. We provide services in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Aziz Bekishov