Notary and apostille in Reston and Great Falls, VA – 4 Important Apostille Facts


Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people searching for DC Mobile Notary in Reston and Great Falls, VA. In the state of Virginia, and indeed, in many other parts of the country too, people are realizing the importance of getting their paperwork and documentation in order, especially when it comes to working overseas. If you’re thinking of heading overseas to work, before you even consider looking into it in more detail, you need to ensure that you know everything there is to know about apostilles. That’s where we come into the picture, as we’ll be sharing 4 important apostille facts with you right now.

What is an apostille? – Firstly, you need to know what an apostille is. An apostille a document which is used for authenticating purposes to ensure that it is legal within an overseas country. After authentication has taken place, an apostille certificate will verify the seal, stamp, and the signature of the document and verify that it is indeed genuine. Now, the document will be readily accepted in a number of, but not all, foreign countries overseas.

What does an apostille look like? – Once a document has been apostilled, it will then be affixed along with an apostille certificate. The certificate is made from paper, and is 15cm in length. It is then permanently attached to the back of the certificate, although in some instances it can be printed on the front and the back. Finally, the certificate is then stamped with an apostille stamp or crest, which features a crest of the government.

What do apostille agencies do? – Once you have submitted the certificate to the apostille agency that you would like to have apostilled, they will give it a thorough check to validate its authenticity. Just be aware that some certificates must be the originals, whereas others can be copies. If a certificate needs to be checked over by a solicitor, the agency can arrange this for you. This is very useful as it will save you time, effort, and money. Before the document is submitted to the government/authority (secretary of state) of the country you wish to work in, the apostille agency will check it over to ensure that everything is legally binding, correct, and in place.

Apostille is not the same as notary – When people search for apostille and notary in Reston and Great Falls, VA, they usually make the mistake of assuming that both are the same. They aren’t. Though similar, notarization only applies to documents relevant to, and to be used in, the USA. Apostille, however, applies to documents which will be utilized overseas.


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