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Where and how I can get an apostille in country Georgia

In accordance with Decree of the President of Georgia of July 14, 2009 No. 404 “On Approval of the Procedure for Certifying a Document with Apostille,” the bodies authorized to post an apostille on documents in Georgia are:

a) a legal entity under public law under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia - the Civil Registry Agency - putting an apostille on documents whose certification is not within the competence of other bodies;

b) the legal entity of public law subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia - the National Center for the Development of Quality of Education - putting an apostille on the documents issued by the Ministry of Education and Science and its member bodies, as well as on documents issued by educational institutions within their competence;

c) The Supreme Court of Georgia - apostille placement on documents issued by the Constitutional Court of Georgia, the High Council of Justice of Georgia and the General Courts;

d) a legal entity under public law - the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia - apostille affixing to documents produced / issued by the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

The following territorial services of the Civil Registry Agency are certified by apostille of documents on registration of civil status acts within Georgia:

1. House of Justice of Batumi - tel .: (995 577) 61 55 19

2. House of Justice of Rustavi - tel .: (995 577) 61 33 70

3. Akhaltsikhe territorial service - address: Akhaltsikhe, Cetskhoveli St., 6, tel .: (995 577) 61 33 54

4. Kutaisi Territorial Service - address: Kutaisi, Vokzalnaya Sq., 3a, tel .: (995 431) 23 90 10

5. Telavi territorial service - address: Telavi, D.D. Aghmashenebeli, 41, tel .: (995 577) 61 33 35

6. Zugdidi territorial service - address: Zugdidi, pr.D.Aghmashenebeli, 106, tel .: (995 415) 25 23 52

7. Ozurgeti Territorial Service - Address: Ozurgeti, Bishop Gabliel St., 3, tel .: (995 577) 61 44 28

8. Poti territorial service - address: Poti, alley on April 9, 26, tel .: (995 493) 27 08 46

9. Saburtalla Territorial Service - address: Tbilisi, Panjikidze str., 2, tel .: (995 32) 237 12 26

10. Wake territorial service - address: Tbilisi, I.Abashidze St., 68, tel .: (995 32) 291 54 41

11. Territorial service of Old Tbilisi - address: Tbilisi, G.Tabidze St., 4, tel .: (995 32) 293 41 83

12. Gldani-Nadzaladevskaya territorial service - address: Tbilisi, 34.Dadiani Ave., tel .: (995 32) 266 22 40

13. Isani-Samgori Territorial Service - address: Tbilisi, Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave., 65, tel .: (995 32) 274 65 39.

In accordance with clauses 22 and 24 of Article 5 of the Law of Georgia “On the tariff established for services rendered by the Civil Registry Agency”, the tariffs for certifying a document with an apostile and the terms of services are as follows:

a) the tariff for certification on the eighth working day is 20 Georgian lari;

b) the tariff for certification on the fourth working day is 20 Georgian lari; for expedited service, 20 Georgian lari;

c) the tariff for certification on the second working day is 20 Georgian lari, for expedited service - 50 Georgian lari;

d) the fee for the certification of the document on the same day is 20 Georgian lari, for expedited service - 80 Georgian lari.

The tariff for translating one page (or up to one page) of a document submitted for legalization or apostilization is 20 Georgian lari.