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Where and how can I get an apostille in Ukraine

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Issuing Authorization to Apply Apostille Under the Convention, which cancels the requirement to legalize foreign official documents" dated January 18, 2003, No. 61, the apostille is marked:

Ministry of Education and Science — on official documents issued by educational institutions, state bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations related to the sphere of education and science;

These documents include: diplomas about education, certificates on the awarding of academic degrees, certificates, certificates from educational institutions, curricula and others;

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine — on documents issued by the justice and courts, as well as on documents drawn up by notaries of Ukraine.

Such documents include: certificates issued by state registration bodies for civil status, extracts from the State Register of Civil Status Acts of Citizens, documents certified by notaries, judicial decisions and certificates.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine — on all other types of documents.

The procedure for placing apostilles on official documents drawn up on the territory of Ukraine and intended for use in the territory of other states is governed by the Rules, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of December 5, 2003, No. 237/803/151 / 5

Apostille is not displayed:

on documents issued by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine;
on administrative documents directly related to commercial or customs operations.
The order of submission of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Apostille Department, the Legalization and Recovery Documents of the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine accepts the following documents for placing the Apostille:

certificates issued by archival institutions of Ukraine;
health certificate;
certificates issued by the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
other official documents.
To put Apostille it is necessary to submit:

applicant's passport;
original document to be certified by apostille;
a bank institution document about payment for services for placing an apostille.