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Thailand Legalization

We notarize, authenticate and legalize documents for Thailand. We provide the fastest (expedited) services in Washington DC area, Northern VA and Southern MD.

Thai consulate legalization stamp

Thai consulate legalization stamp

The Legalization and Authentication of Thailand documents is rather simple in comparison to many other countries, but still requires a complex process including certification from the source Secretary of State. Some documents require additional steps and certifications as outlined in Thailand’s Legalization requirements.

By partnering with DC Mobile Notary, you can avoid the headaches involved with navigating these sometimes confusing and complex legal requirements.

By keeping all documents in one place, we are able to minimize the number of eyes that see your personal information, decreasing the risk of personal information leaks and document misplacement. Upon successful Legalization and Apostillation, your documents are promptly returned to you with our free and secure courier service to anywhere in the Washington DC area. DC Mobile Notary’s knowledgeable staff frequently works with the Thailand Consulate and Embassy, and are familiar with all requirements and process steps.

Professional Assistance

We understand your embassy filing needs and work hard to deliver reliable services that help you file with confidence. We handle document authentication and legalization on a regular basis and know how to make the whole process easier. If you are looking for a reliable choice when it comes to your Washington D.C embassy filing needs, all you need to do is just contact us and we will take care of everything for you. We are here to help you complete your file on time, every time. We also assist in filing and processing your application so if you are looking for assistance, we can do that as well.

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