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Egypt legalization

Looking to notarize, authenticate and legalize documents for Egypt? We are able to handle all your needs professionally!

Egypt legalization stamp

Egypt legalization stamp

Legalizing and Apostilling documents involving the Egypt Embassy and Consulate come with their own set of complications. We are a team of professionals dedicated to making the whole experience easier for you. We legalize, authenticate and notarize the documents for Egypt in a quick manner.

By working with DC Mobile Notary, you can avoid any potential delays and rejections of your required documents.

Quick Services

Our knowledgeable team has the expertise working with the Egyptian Consulate and Embassy, and can quickly move your documents through the process with very little hassle. We can help you Legalize and certify birth certificates, certificates of good standing, powers of attorney agreements, death certificates, FBI reports, courier letters, agreements, extraditions, transcripts, social security letters, FBI background reports, company bylaws, diplomas, warrants, marriage certificates, and other documents through the Egyptian Consulate and Embassy.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to your document privacy. We make sure that all your documents are completely safe and secure. You can rest easily knowing your documents are being processed correctly and safely with DC Mobile Notary.

We work to minimize the hands your documents pass through to ensure your private information is kept safe. The whole Legalization process will take 7-10 business days depending on how the documents need to be notarized, authenticated, or Legalized. Upon completion of your request, your documents will be securely returned to you with our 24/7 delivery and pickup service anywhere in the Washington DC area. DC Mobile Notary is an experienced document processing provider that will help you avoid delays by providing you with accurate and timely Legalization.

If you are worried about submitting your application in a timely manner, let us help you. We are able to file and process your application at an affordable price. No more delays; no more stress!

We have the knowledge to deliver professional services without compromising on quality. Call us today!